Chuck and Mark have been reloading for themselves for many years, Chuck about 45years and Mark since the 70s.  We started loading for accuracy in 2004 when Mark bought a Remington in the then new caliber of .204 Ruger.  Our attempts to wring out all the accuracy er could get led us to study benchrest shooting and loading rounds for maximum accuracy.

Then, after a 9 year quest for 5 rounds in the smallest hole, we acquired a Dillon Super 1050 progressive loader for pistol and revolver ammunition. 

Then, in 2012 we realized we could make more ammo than we could shoot!  We then got an FFL that enabled us to manufacture and sell it legally.  With another Dillon Super 1050, we could crank out more than a thousand rounds of pistol ammo an hour, hence our motto, "We Shoot All We Can and Sell the Rest!"

Our 9mm, .40 and .45 ammo is loaded with once-fired brass which is cleaned, inspected and loaded to our specifications, and  all other calibers(.380, .38. .357. 10mm, .44Spec., .44 Mag, and .45 Colt) are loaded with factory new Starline Brass cases.  

We also specialize in making custom loads for our clients who require the very best accuracy.  The customer can tell us what powder charge, primer and bullet he or she wants and we can reload their already shot cases, or provide our own, whatever brand they want.

We personally guarantee that our ammunition will shoot as well or better than any factory ammunition at a competitive price!

Thank you for choosing Dos El Caminos Precision Ammunition!


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